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Dice Salles is among the best landscape photographers in PhotoNation International who's based in New Zealand. Capturing breathtaking sceneries, Dice has won the Photographer of the Year Award for Digital at PhotoNation Awards 2020.

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Dice Salles

Fascination. This is the best word to describe the photography journey of Dice Sales, a photographer based in New Zealand. When he started, he documented the beauty of everything he could possibly capture—flowers made to stand out with shallow depth of field, golden sunsets and sunrises, and even mirror selfies.


These days, he does landscape photography, aerial photography, and astrophotography, alongside wedding photography and commercial photography.


He believes that “everyday” is an opportunity to breathe freely, create and explore, think and love, and enjoy life. It's a second chance to do better.

If you are interested to purchase his works, you may connect with him through the details below:


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