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Magic Moments

A collection of some of the best images Fitz Borre

has been able to capture on this travels around the world.


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Sunset at Matsumoto_s Crow Castle - Borre - 2018
Surreal falls in Pangasinan - Borre - 2019
Sunset in Venice Station, Italy - Borre - 2017
Tondaligan Beach Sunset - Borre - 2018
Sunset at Zermatt - Borre - 2019
Real Quezon Sunrise 2 - Borre - 2021
Narvacan Beach, Ilocos Sur - Borre - 2019
Sunset at Rosenborg Castle,Copenhagen, Denmark - Borre - 2017
Real Quezon Sunrise - Borre - 2021
Hotaka Mountain Range at Sunrise - Borre - 2018
Lake Bled Sunset - Borre - 2019
Hallstatt, Austria Sunrise - Borre - 2017
Blue hour at Saint Albain_s Church, Denmark - Borre - 2019
Bangkok, Thailand at sunset - 2019
Baler_s Glorious Sunset - Borre - 2018

Fitz Borre


Growing up in a small town in Bicol, Fitz always wanted to explore big cities filled with the potential of many opportunities. But after years of working in a company where everything is fast-paced, he realized that he prefers taking things slow and find solace in places that are mostly away from the crowds. After just a few tries of creating images from these places, he was convinced that landscape photography is where his heart is. The recognition from the contests that he has joined boosted his desire to do better and produce images that are worthy to be called art.

His current job, while hectic, provided him the opportunity to see new places and ultimately capture the images. He believes that they are too breathtaking to be left just as a memory. It fueled an ardent impulse to share what he felt in those moments by creating photos that will give justice to the real scenery and make whoever sees them feel as if they were there -  in that particular time and place.

If you are interested to purchase her works,

you may connect with her through the details below:


All images shown at #PhotoCon21 , and on this website

are copyrighted by their creators and protected by Born in Film and PhotoNation International.

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