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Little Deaths and Fears

“Little deaths and fears” is a collection of stories translated into 15 dark/surreal and thought-provoking visual representations and photographs from his earliest days to the present.


Each represents a depiction of what it feels to be in that character’s story created in a cathartic experience of putting thyself in the death and fear scenario briefly losing the senses of safety and certainty; becoming powerless by all means and feeling the discomfort of being near around things that haunts us— the process of allowing ourselves to feel, acknowledging our weaknesses and fears and finally looking right in their eyes taking them out of that darkness and shedding light on them, that way we could understand them for what they really are so they could become something that isn’t scary anymore.


Although death and fear are both universal, the goal is not to force the story but to have the viewers project their own ideas on it and then lose themselves as it happens.



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Grieving for oneself, Abella 2021
Quietus, Abella 2019
Still I fly, Abella 2019
Trees, Abella 2020
welcome, welcome, Abella 2020
Phoenix to dust, Abella 20198
You planted in me unknown fears, Abella 2021
Depth, Abella 2020
Dying light, Abella 2021
Entrapped by the walls we build, Abella 2019
Embracing fears, Abella 2018
One fear at a time, Abella 2018
In the moment of fear (2020), Abella 2020
You are a memory, Abella 2019
Blackbird sonnets, Abella 2021
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Jes Abella


Jes Abella(@jesabellafineart) was born on January 1, 1994, in Burgos, Pangasinan. He grew up in a place far away from the city and thus he has always recognized his love for nature.


His most tragic childhood memory was how his dreams got stolen at the age of 5, which led to him growing up not knowing what his dreams are nor what dreams really meant. Lost in that place of doubt, fear, and anxiety; he found comfort in darkness and solitude.


And with what he calls ‘his light’, he set forth on a conquest of fear, on a journey of re-recognizing his dreams, picking up anything that would echo the fragments of those dreams and sharing every encounter of it with the intent of eventually building a library of beautiful tragedies made out of fear, heartbreaks, sadness, and grief.


Breaking the stereotype of being a camera-shy photographer, he puts himself in front of the camera to become someone else, a character fitted to play the main role in the story of his personal wonderland—a place where madness is applauded, where darkness unveils its beauty and beauty manifests in the dark.


This art of escapism grew from a selfish desire for satisfaction into a legacy of inspiring curious people who desire to dig deep into their craft and in their lives. 

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All images shown at #PhotoCon21 , and on this website

are copyrighted by their creators and protected by Born in Film and PhotoNation International.

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