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The hard lockdown caused by the Pandemic made him appreciate Photography more. Because of this he, began taking images of objects found in his house using his mobile phone.


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It_s Okay Not To Be Okay
Memories Never Fade
I Love Me
Power in Unity
Dare To Be You
A Place Like No Other
Life Is A Metaphor
Take My Heart
My Safe Haven
The Slayer
Kaleidoscope Galaxy
A Picture-Perfect Family
Cry If You Must
A Beautiful Sonata
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Jet Bacuna


Jet is originally from the province of the Davao Occidental who currently resides in Davao City.


He works as a government employee in the City of Davao.The photography communities he is affiliated with have cited and recognized some of his works.


Despite his resources and being a newbie, he joined different communities to connect and enrich his skills in Photography.


At the same time, he wants to expand these communities where he can learn tips and techniques about this form of art.

If you are interested to purchase her works,

you may connect with her through the details below:


All images shown at #PhotoCon21 , and on this website

are copyrighted by their creators and protected by Born in Film and PhotoNation International.

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