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Sky in Colors

The sky is a wonderful place. In spite of being beyond my physical reach the sky never fails to fascinate me. During sunrise and sunset the sky always looks beautiful and at night? That's another story. 

Fortunately I live in a countryside. So most of the time I see a clear atmosphere, away from a pollutions and smog. A colorful sky sunrise makes me feel relaxed throughout the day and a colorful sunset makes me calm throughout the night, Its a natural cycle that comes whether we like it or not.



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out of the blue-fullon-2020
standing strong-fullon-2021
dry dock-fullon-2021
maine leloush zarina-fullon-2020
shock at dawn-fullon-2021
catch a light-fullon-2021
natural barrier-fullon-2021
food for the soul-fullon-2021
explosion of light-fullon-2020
the farmers masterpiece-fullon-2021
guiding light-fullon-2020

Jovy Fullon


Jovy is an amateur and aspiring landscape photographer from Bulusan, Sorsogon. He was born in a highland remote area in a small village a few kilometers from the sea. He started shooting landscape photography in February of 2020 when he got his first mirrorless camera.


He prefers shooting during sunrise, sunset golden and blue hour. He says that landscape photography always amazes him, although it's a bit challenging, it is his way of becoming more closer to mother nature.

If you are interested to purchase his works,

you may connect with him through the details below:


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