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Observance of Everyday Life

“Observance of Everyday Life” is a collection of Julius' best photos that he took and observed every day. Some of these are taken accidentally and turns out to be one of his bests. He always brings  his camera with him and when he observes or sees beautiful moments, he immediately captures it and the results always amazes him of how beautiful life is.


He says that even if we are in the time of a pandemic, we should always be thankful and grateful that we are alive. 



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Kalmado-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2020
Fly By-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2020
Banayad-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2019
Endless Blues-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2019
Untitled-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2021
Rise-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2021
Masdan mo ang mga Bata-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2020
Fly High-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2020
Starlings-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2020
Descend-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2021
Siklista-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2021
Panggatong-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2019
Prosisyon-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2020
Going Home-Julius Angelo P. Deterala-2019
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Julius Deterala


Julius Angelo P. Deterala is a grade 12 student from Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines. He started doing photography back in 2017 with a smartphone and the bridge camera that his father bought many years ago.


Although his gear isn’t exactly close to the highest caliber, he continues to pursue his passion for photography by studying the basics of exposure and proper composition.


His main focus is on street photography, as he loves the candid emotions and actions he sees on the streets. He also says, “I see a lot of wonderful moments every time that I am taking photos in the streets and I can share it and inspire people every time I publish it online.”

If you are interested to purchase her works,

you may connect with her through the details below:


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