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"Phase d'un Marin"




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"Phase d'un Marin"


Katlyn Alvaro

Katlyn Alvaro has been doing photography for almost 4 years now. She started taking photographs as a hobby and photography became her favorite way of expressing herself which made her an extrovert. She says that she’s not the best speech giver, and it’s often difficult for her  to say exactly what she feels or what's inside her mind. But with her photos and creative art she processed and created she can easily express her emotion, imagination and the world around her. Katlyn says that the world is full of stories to tell. Inspiration is all around us. Creating a photograph that evokes a feeling, emotion, or a response from a viewer is what drives and inspires her more to pursue this passion. She believes that joining a community like PhotoNation helped her boost her confidence in doing this craft. She  met a lot of photographers from different parts of the world, and  learned from them various tips, ideas and techniques. For her, with this community, there is a great sense of belonging.

If you are interested to purchase her works, you may connect with her through the details below:

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All images shown at the Ortigas Art Festival 2022, and on this website

are copyrighted by their creators and protected by Born in Film and PhotoNation International.

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