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10 Lomography rules + 5

Lomography is about having fun while taking good pictures. Here is a set of pictures that reflects his journey as an amateur lomographer. Ultimately, it’s just “Don't think, Just shoot”.


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11. When in doubt, use flash
15. Fuck rules
6. Don_t think
12. Accept mistakes
13. Feel free to experiment
8. You dont have to know beforehand what you captured
10. Don_t worry about any rules
7. Be fast
14. Take pictures of whatever you want
5. Approach the objects of your desire as close as possible
1. Take your camera with you
9. Afterwards either
4. Try to shoot from the hip
3. Lomography is not an interference of your life but a part of it
2.  Use it any time - day and night
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Ken Prado


Ken Prado is a medical student whose passion lies in the arts. Aside from pursuing the path  towards becoming a doctor, he dabbles in film photography and the magic of filmmaking.


He  always brings any film cam with him on any occasion. You can always rely that he has a spare roll  in his pocket. He likes to capture mundane objects with the sunny 16 rule. 


Ultimately, he believes that there is more than one way for people to heal, and hopes to help  and inspire as many people as he can.

If you are interested to purchase her works,

you may connect with her through the details below:


All images shown at #PhotoCon21 , and on this website

are copyrighted by their creators and protected by Born in Film and PhotoNation International.

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