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Fervor in Color

He expresses his feelings through his photography. He creates Photo artwork in darkness because it's where the light shines brighter. For him, these colors give peace, hope, love, and calm feelings, and can even express rage, deeper emotions where our hearts connect and feel inspired at the same time.



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Tomorrow - Santiago - 2021
Sparks Under the Moon - Santiago - 2020
Dreaming Together - Santiago - 2020
Purge (ECQ edition) -Santiago - 2020
Philippine Globe
Aurora PH - Santiago - 2021
Golden Iris - Santiago - 2021
Sparky Moon - Santiago - 2021
Hypnotic Planet - Santiago - 2021
I_m Here for You -  Santiago - 2020
Tired - Santiago - 2021
Beutiful Ruin - Santiago - 2020
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Neil Ross Santiago


Neil Ross R. Santiago is a mobile photography enthusiast. His photos were featured many times in mobile photography groups, mostly in Huawei Mobile Photography PH and Huawei Nova 5t Photography and Videography.


One of his photos “Sparks Under The Moon” was featured 9 times in different mobile photography groups. Most of his photographic works are made with long exposures, with particular emphasis on light painting. He uses steel wool, LED Lights and other light effects for his photography. He believes that light is best appreciated when in darkness. Just like in our lives, in our dark times, there’s always a light that can give you hope. 

What was once his hobby is now his passion, and now he wants to inspire and encourage everyone to rethink the idea of visual storytelling--that visual storytelling doesn’t require a lot of high-end gear. As long as you love what you do and you put your heart into it then you can make great photography.

If you are interested to purchase his works,

you may connect with him through the details below:


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