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My Thoughts on the Peak Design Leash as a Travel Photographer

Updated: Aug 5

Camera straps aren’t the most popular topic, but they do matter. How you carry around your gear matters just as much as the camera and lenses you bring. With travel photography, seemingly minor things like this go a long way.

Although unessential for taking photos, they provide convenience and peace of mind to the photographer. A camera strap could spell the difference between being able to continue shooting or having to buy a new camera. Because of that, every camera comes with one in the box. However, not all camera straps are the same.

Back in October 2019, I was on a short trip to Japan. The weather was starting to get colder with autumn approaching. Because of that, I sometimes found myself wearing a jacket especially when it rained.

As a photographer, I like to experiment with different angles by shooting high or low. However, this requires me to remove the strap from my neck. This was difficult since I had to take off my jacket and backpack each time. That didn’t stop me from getting the shots, but it was quite inconvenient in the dense metropolis of Tokyo.

After that trip, I began researching on the ideal camera strap for me. The usual straps I saw were either the bulky and padded kind for heavy DSLR’s or the stylish ones for compact cameras. As a travel photographer, neither of those suited me. I needed something that was small and light, but would give me easy access to my camera. My research eventually lead me to Peak Design.

Photo from Peak Design Philippines

Peak Design is an American company who design and make products for photographers with an emphasis on practicality and functionality. They are best known for their Anchor Links, which serve as a quick release mechanism. By designing their products around this, they’re able to cater to the needs of different photographers.

The Leash was the model that appealed to me most because it was the smallest one. Aside from being quick release, it came with a slim tripod plat