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Trần Hồng Nhung is a Nude photographer who's passionate about the human element of aesthetics and its relationship with ​the surroundings. Nhung has won Photographer fo the Year for Film Photography at PhotoNation Awards 2020.



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Trần Hồng Nhung

For Trần Hồng Nhung of Vietnam, the time she spent in the darkroom with her father are memories she considers precious. She fondly remembers seeing “in his tray of ‘water’ a lot of happy faces with a big smile slowly appearing.”


Today, she is a photographer just like her father was. She says, “I would love to cherish the beauty of human form, especially the woman, giving them a way to do what they want to do, show them another view on their body form, let them know that they are beautiful and brave, and somehow help them to be more confident and help myself to be more confident too.” She also takes pictures of landscapes and moments of city life.


On The Beauty of Everyday, she says, “The beauty of everyday is simple and true, we don’t need to pretend that it’s good or beautiful if it’s not. Because for me, the sorrow is as precious as the happiness.”

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