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Recorder of Life

Jes Abella is a creative photographer who digitally creates artistic representation of his narratives. He shares his composite works online and has won the Photo of the Year at PhotoNation Awards 2020.



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Recorder of Life

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Jes Abella

Jes Mercado Abella is a fine art photographer and a self-portrait artist based in Burgos, Pangasinan, Philippines.


He goes against the stereotype of being a camera-shy photographer—he is not afraid to place himself in front of the camera to bring himself to a world he wishes to explore, where darkness unveils its beauty, and beauty manifests in the dark.


He believes that beautiful things need to be sought. If only we can see those things not only for what they are and understand what they can be, then we can build a beautiful world for ourselves.

If you are interested to purchase his works, you may connect with him through the details below:

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