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A Moment of Our Own


Lester Mont​ejo is a photographer who's based in Singapore, representing the Visayas region. Lester has also been nominated as the Film Photographer of the year at PhotoNation Awards 2020.

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A Moment of Our Own

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Lester Montejo

Lester Flores Montejo can be best described as a hobbyist, one who started in digital photography and later on fell into an addiction with vintage cameras, mechanical shutter sounds, and the full manual process of making memories.


He loves to shoot alone, at his own pace, using his own method, and for his personal satisfaction. He has been doing photography for around 13 years now and is still in love with the art form.


For him, “The Beauty of Everyday” relates to our daily struggles and happiness in life. He says, “Whether it's a happy or struggling day, easy or tiring day, they're all still part of the journey that gives a huge impact in our daily lives.”

If you are interested to purchase his works, you may connect with him through the details below:


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