Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a series of images taken by Maritess Ortigas that showcases

the beauty of the Metro Manila skyline during the pandemic –the sheer beauty that despite this pandemic, we can see the beauty of everyday.


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Simply Safron - maritess ortigas
Carpe Diem - maritess ortigas
Orange crush - maritess ortigas
Kaleidoscpe - maritess ortigas
Rose - - maritess ortigas
Egg Drop - maritess ortigas
Golden Slumber - maritess ortigas
Tutti Frutti Skyscape - maritess ortigas
Journey's End - maritess ortigas
Dark Knight Sightings - maritess ortigas
curtain call - maritess ortigas
Blood Red Orange - maritess ortigas
Pink Chiffon - maritess ortigas
Tangerine dream - maritess ortigas
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Maritess Ortigas


Maritess spends her late afternoon at the balcony of her condo where she sits and wait for the most beautiful show on earth to begin. It happens a few minutes before 6pm. 

After seeing what she captured, she thought of sharing her experience on social media and has ever since captivated viewers in grandeur of her stunning view.

She says the lockdown gave her time to appreciate and capture the eternal sunset shown on these pictures.

Those who see these images would often ask what equipment she used and she would always respond: “Nothing expensive, no filters, just nature, created for us by an awesome God!”.

She adds: “I have come to an age where I have seen and gone through the worst and best of times. I have realized that the things that I have considered beautiful and made me happy in my younger years don't seem to matter anymore. Indeed, " The best things in Life are Free." 

She believes that there’s a deeper appreciation of the beautiful in the simple things – just in her sunset series – Beautiful sunsets are fleeting; you have to be quick to savor its richness and capture to seize the moment.

She says one has to stop get away from the routine to truly appreciate what is basic – simplify, then we will learn to appreciate lasting beauty just as nature, that has been there all along for our appreciation.

Life doesn't come with a manual of how to live, but it comes with blue skies, cool winds, birds and trees, flowers and amazing sunsets.

In Film.

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