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Hooked on Travel Photography



In this maiden edition, Bhong E. Odal talks about travel photography. What it makes him pulsates about it. Providing tips on which camera and its features are best for travel photography.


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Bhong Odal is the senior adviser of Born in Film and PhotoNation International.


He started photography in 1987 as he was fascinated with the art of capturing moments and creating beautiful images.


In 2005, he took up Photography classes at the Photographic Society of Singapore and graduated with distinctions in Photography, as well as receiving his Licentiate of the Photographic Society of Singapore ( LPSS ) certificate in July 2006.


In 2007, he had founded Pinoygrapher (SG). The only Filipino camera club officially registered society in Singapore. Where he was an Expat for 22 years.


To this day, he has never stopped growing as a photographer, always looking for ways to improve his skills, as he travels to different places to capture moments and create beautiful images that would last for years.

In Film.

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