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5 Ways to regain your connection to the real world

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Have you ever felt disconnected? Does it feel like a part of you is missing that it boggles your whole existence?

Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic began, where people who mostly relied on their digital gadgets to connect, have always been disconnected. The advancement of technology has presented us both with negative and positive outcomes.

The rise of digital technology has led to a worldwide revolution that transitioned from the mechanical and analog. This evolution led to the creation of jobs and new industries like the online space. As businesses continue to adapt, the processes became fast, smarter, and more efficient. The need for big data, and smarter devices grew. This trend continues to this day where we see new gadgets and devices every year.

In contrast to the 20th century, the simplicity of life gradually diminished. The days are gone where people needed to wait for several days—or even months for a message to arrive to its recipients.

However, as the world progressed into development, the world also transitioned into a never-ending downward trend.

People were heavily immersed in these advanced innovations. They were connected, but at the same time, they were not.

People can't help but use these devices in their everyday lives. It has even become a part of their existence. Some people can't even live without it. It became their comfort at any time of the day, especially in difficult instances wherein people would look at their phones instead of conversing with others head-on.

Here are some tips that would help you re-ignite your connection:

Setting healthy boundaries- We are often lost in the realm of the internet for hours. Browsing, reading, and watching endlessly across the vast realm of the internet, full of unlimited possibilities. One of the ways to get a hold of yourself and others is to set boundaries. Limiting your screen time and interactions online could greatly improve your overall health in terms of your physical, mental, and even intimate relationships with other people.

Getting enough sleep- People tend to spend hours doomscrolling on the internet. Why not spend those hours sleeping? Getting enough sleep is essential to one's wellbeing. It allows your mind and body to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert. Thus, it helps your body stave off diseases.

Physical exercise- Due to the global pandemic, most people now are at home. The transition from the usual face-to-face to virtual spaces left people sedentary—which goes against the standards of human nature. People with decreased mobility are now prone to physical and mental illnesses. A simple remedy to instantly feel refreshed is to perform physical activities. An example of these activities are: stretching, weightlifting, walking, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and more.

Meditation- Noises are not just bound to what we can hear, but also in our own minds. A simple quiet time with yourself (walking or meditating with nature works best!) could greatly improve your mental health. Meditation helps you be in the moment and it also helps you get in touch with yourself.

Rewarding yourself- People are usually drowning in tasks and responsibilities all day, forgetting that we need to enjoy our lives once in a while. Rewarding oneself is not always about eating or drinking your favorite comfort food. It always depends on what your heart wants. For one, you can consider going on a trip and crossing something off your bucket list.

Note: These tips are not the ultimate guide to anything. You should always gauge your own situation. Asking for help is not bad. Seek help from others. We all need a helping hand once in a while.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is undeniable that the use of these devices are vital for people to adapt to. However, having too much of anything is bad. At times, we must move away from these gadgets to truly connect with what matters, especially our connection with our friends and family. It is important to set a healthy boundary. These innovations can either be a cure or a poison to our lives. We just need to gauge when and not to use it.

“Always ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

— Paulo Coelho

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