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Born in Film x JOJO

Beginning June 2019, all merchandise by Born in film will now be delivered by Jojo!

Jojo is a Delivery app connecting packages with transporters already going along the delivery destination.

We see how the photographic film market today relies on a limited resource, both physical and online – most of which do not provide its own dedicated and reliable delivery service. With Jojo, it will now be easier for both enthusiasts and professionals to purchase film merchandise and have it delivered the same day.

“When you look at the road every day with thousands of people on their cars, trains, and buses, you will realize we have an invisible and untapped logistics and supply chain resource interconnected by the people and all the places we go. This benefits commuters, senders and entrepreneurs, creating a more efficient and sustainable way to ship,” Jay Fajardo, Jojo’s Chief Strategy Officer explains during the launch of the mobile app.

Born in Film partners with Jojo for a fast, reliable and secure delivery service for our merchandise. To start, we wanted to see if the delivery service would be received well by enthusiasts. True enough, it was beyond our expectation.

Bryan Kong a film enthusiast who develops his own film shares his experience.

"The delivery was quick and feels secure because of the verification process. This will help the film industry because it saves time to have your negatives scanned and developed quickly."

Curtesy of Jojo, 5 other lucky customers who got our limited edition stickers received their mech for free!

Ceng Mercado, another film enthusiast, likes the idea of having a friendly, secure and reliable service like Jojo.

"The service works well for me. The delivery guy was also polite! Having a security code that you input to verify really helps."

The delivery service also plans to expand and reach areas beyond Manila with their launch in Pampanga on June 10.

The process is really simple!

To purchase limited edition Born in Film merchandise, just visit our facebook page. Send us your order via facebook messenger together with your address and phone number and we'll take care of the delivery via Jojo.

All proceeds of merchandise will serve as a fundraising for Born in Film II and its activities that will be happening soon.

Download the Jojo app today on iOS and Android!

visit their website, follow them on social media:

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