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Lone Filipino wins Worldwide Photowalk

After qualifying for the local competition, Miguel Alonde emerged as the only Filipino who made it to Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk 2019 finals.

SUDDEN. Miguel Alonde's entry that won him a top spot at Worldwide Photowalk 2019 Finals. Photo by Miguel Alonde

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Miguel Alonde, 24 from Biñan Laguna is the only Filipino who won in the finals of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk 2019.

Among thousands of entries across the globe, Alonde's entry joins the International selection alongside Egypt, USA, Iran, UK, Austria, and Finland.

Wining these exciting prizes:

$50 B&H Gift card

Adobe Photography Membership Plan

Max Platypod

$25 Rocky Nook gift card

Aurora HDR 2019

$100 Wescott Gift card

Think Tank - Photocross 13 sling (Graphite)

Each year, Scott Kelby personally selects the entries. He notes that the key to Alonde's entry is the distinct play of shadows.

SCOTT KELBY. The main man of Worldwide Photowalk

"The shadows are so key in this wonderful image, and there are so many of them.

On top of it all — add the red wall and the red umbrella and it’s a really captivating image. Nicely crafted."

Apart from his passion in photography, Miguel works as a cinematographer who's into producing videos for events and corporate projects.

From among the 3 previous worldwide photowalk in the Philippines that were conducted in their area, he wasn't able to join any. This was his first one.

MIGUEL ALONDE. Finalist of World Photowalk 2019

"I didn't expect to make it as one of the top 10 finalists because this was the first photowalk competition that I joined.
it's a great privilege being able to stand alongside different nationalities."

Previous to his winning entry, the earlier ones that he shot were not as flattering. He said that it was very fortunate that somebody walked with a red umbrella matching the red wall.

FIRST SHOT. One of Miguel's earlier photos.

He says the person walking was very fast, It was just a glimpse of a second. He wasn't able to set his camera on burst mode, that's why he was only able to capture one photo –why the person was almost out of the frame.

"When I captured that shot, I was confident that it was a definite winner –not expecting it would win the international finals."

Miguel says that his go-to lens is actually a 35mm Sigma Art together with a 24-105 which he prefers as his run and gun setup. He used a different setup for this shot.

"When I captured it, I told myself that I'm ok with it and that I already have an entry. I used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm f1.8 set at f2.8, shot at 1/2500s, and ISO-50. I only took 40 images during the walk and this was one of it."

FAMILY MAN. Miguel, his wife and their baby.

Being recently married with a 5 month old baby, Miguel says, his family comes first. And coming from a city like Laguna, and considering daily traffic jams, he lives relatively far from most established camera stores and outlets in Manila –The Philippine capital. He says he wants to join more events that are hopefully near their hometown.

"For aspiring photographers that dream of being part of Scot Kelby's top 10, or even winning grand finalist, do not stop. Keep on practicing, study and continue learning because no one can really be better without constant improvement."

From among the previous Worldwide Photowalks that Scott Kelby has conducted, there has always been a Filipino in the top 10 which makes Filipinos great contenders every year.

The Philippines' photography community (both Film and Digital) celebrate's Mark's achievement and unites in congratulating him for this historic win.

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